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In Her Skin: How Sherry McGregor made peace with her breast cancer scars (MULTIMEDIA PROJECT)

For Sherry McGregor, the tattoos hidden under her shirt are a powerful tribute to the enormous battle she has overcome. Read more.

EXCLUSIVE: Scammers sell Macgregor property without owner’s knowledge

ACT Police has launched an investigation into an ACT real estate scame where where a Canberra property was sold by overseas fraudsters while the owner was living in South Africa. Read more.

Health service facing budget blackhole by not charging co-payment

A prominent ACT health service is facing an annual $350,000 budget black hole after deciding it will not slug its thousands of indigenous and disadvantaged patients with the $7 co-payment. Read more.

Budget to gouge $240 million from ACT over the next four years

Federal budget cuts will gouge more than $47 million from ACT health funding from July, which could pay for 2850 elective surgeries, 390 nurses, staff for 135 acute hospital beds or 33 intensive care beds. Read more.

Watson woman Bethany Lamont abused over disabled parking

A Watson woman with multiple sclerosis has told how she was left shaken and in tears after being verbally abused for using a disabled parking bay at a Belconnen shopping centre. Read more.

Expensive treatment the only hope for cystic fibrosis sufferers

Laurie Daly would hate to see a parent lose their child to cystic fibrosis because they couldn’t afford a life-saving treatment that costs at least $300,000 a year.  Read more.

Elective surgery waiting lists fall in the ACT

ACT patients are waiting up to 333 days for elective ear, nose and throat surgery, 409 days for elective orthopaedic surgery and 199 days for other surgery including paediatric and oral.  Read more.